In the Prevention and Support class, students at ACE will learn proactive support and emergency intervention techniques:
  • The importance of knowing how to build positive relationships with the individuals that caregivers will support.
  • Positive Behavior Support and other proactive strategies to prevent and or reduce the occurrence of challenging behaviors by individuals.
  • How to identify a true behavioral emergency in the instance where prevention did not go as planned.
  • Students will learn how to calmly respond and offer support to individuals with challenging behaviors. The majority of the training is focused on positive support and proactive strategies.
  • Students will learn which of the emergency physical intervention techniques is use when a behavioral and or physical emergency is in progress.
positive support

Prevention and Support Training involves physical techniques that require students to be in good health and capable of some strenuous activity. Prevention and Support is not recommended for individuals with certain physical conditions which may include, but not limited to, knee injuries, back injuries, pregnancy, vertebrae fusion, spinal cord injuries or inability to use any body part normally. Participation in the class Prevention and Support Training is at your own risk.

Clothing for Prevention and Support

- Shoes that are closed-toe and closed-heel. Tennis (athletic) shoes are acceptable.

- Inexpensive clothing that is comfortable to move in for exercise-like activity.
   i.e. jogging pants, spandex, leggings, jeans without holes. (No tank tops and no shorts)

If used for continued education units (CEU), must be taken in class, not available online. (for online Continued Education Units go to our CEU page)