Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

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Professional standards dictate the importance of continuing education in all professional fields, such as caregiving. Numerous studies show that ongoing education improves the quality of caregiving. For that reason, all DCWs are state-mandated to complete 6 hours of continuing education per year.

ACE Postsecondary School have developed a series of high quality two hour courses for DCW continuing education. DCWs must complete 6 hours of education with content that is not related to the subject that was studied the year prior. As an example, you cannot receive credit for the same CEU course two years in a row.

Each Continuing Education Units (CEUs) course listed below is a two-hour online session, available in Spanish and English. In order to receive 6 hours of credits, you will need to select 3 of the following online courses. ACE makes CEUs easy.

Completion Instructions

To pass this CEU you must download and read the CEU materials then certify that you have read the materials. To read the materials and receive your certificate, complete your payment, visit the My CEUs page, and verify that you have read and understood the materials. You will be provided a link to download your certificate on the confirmation page that follows a successful verification of compliance. You download your certificate on demand by logging in to the ACE website and navigating to the My CEU Results page.

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There is no written competency test. You are only responsible for sending ACE an electronic acknowledgment that you read and understood the course curriculum.

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