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Habilitation Service Requirements and Limitations

This service may be provided in the following settings:

• The consumer’s home
• At the consumer’s activity sites
• A community setting chosen by the consumer or consumer’s representative.

Positive Behavior Support

• Promoting warm and caring relationships
• Increasing a person’s opportunity to make daily choices
• Reducing factors that may make a person feel anxious, afraid, angry or devalued
• Calmly interrupting and redirecting inappropriate behavior
• Assisting the person to understand, to the best of their ability, how and why behavior change is helpful
• How to develop a paired professional relationship
• Hands on training and role playing using Positive Behavior Support
• Documenting challenging behaviors
• Prompt Levels
• Community Outing Strategies
• How to work on habilitation goals using postive teaching strategies
• Documenting Habilitation Goals